Hot & Spicy  
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House Specialties

with White Rice
1. Sesame Beef
Sliced beef deep fried then sautéed with honey lemon peels in sweet sauce then sprinkled with sesame seeds.
2. Honey Walnut Chicken
White meat chicken battered then fried, sautéed in creamy sauce with walnuts.
spicy 3. Orange Beef
Chunks of beef deep fried then sautéed with orange peel in a sweet hot pepper sauce garnished with steamed broccoli.
4. Crispy Beef 11.95
5. Honey Walnut Shrimp 12.95
spicy 6. Five Flavored Fish
Fried tilapia filet w. zucchini, mushroom, water chestnuts, woo dear in hot five flavored sauce.
7. Happy Family
What a wonderful name! Shrimp, pork, beef and chicken sautéed with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, water chestnuts & baby corn.
spicy 8. Sliced Fish Hunan
Sliced fresh fish sautéed with zucchini baby corn in Hunan hot pepper sauce.
9. Sizzling Beef & Scallops
Sliced beef, scallop with Napa, snow peas, water chestnut, mushrooms, carrot in brown sauce on hot sizzling plate.
spicy 10. Deep Sea Treasures
Jumbo shrimp and sea scallops lightly fried to crispy in delicious hot bean sauce.
11. Triple Delight
Sliced beef, white meat chicken, jumbo shrimp sautéed w. assorted vegetable in brown sauce.
spicy 12. Red Snapper
Red snapper filet and wok fried until crispy, topped w. delicious Szechuan hot spicy sauce, or Mandarin chef's special sauce.
13. Four Seas Combination
Lobster, shrimp, scallop and krab meat sautéed with snow peas, baby corn and Chinese vegs, in the sauce of white wine
spicy 14. Five Flavored Seafood Deluxe
Jumbo shrimp, scallops, lobster meat, grouper filet stir fried with zucchini, water chestnut, wood ear in hot five flavor sauce.
spicy 15. Dragon & Phoenix
General tso's chicken & jumbo shrimp w. chili sauce
16. Peking Duck
Famous Chinese banquet dish served with pancakes and plum sauce
(S) 15.95 (L) 30.95